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Houston Area Classifieds

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We give you several ways to browse and search our classified ads. First, by the categories above then by state and city. You can also select a Metro Area on the right to pre-filter the site to see only local ads per category for that metro area.

Top 10 Recent Houston Misc. Classified Ads

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City - Description
Houston, TX - Tax Preparation Services - Prepare your taxes in a
HOUSTON, TX - pure CORGI pups
Missouri City, TX - Providing quality residential garage door Repair s
Houston, TX - 24 Hour Emergency Clinic Houston
Houston, TX - houston texans auto title service
Houston, TX - 2017 Brand New Happy Birthday Video Greetings DVD
Houston, TX - 2014 Lexus IS 250
Houston, TX - Peter Lik 'Rouge' Painting 3 Piece Set
Houston, TX - razor sharp ice skates
Houston, TX - Ballroom Dance Lessons in Houston for adults and c

Recent Garage Sale Ads

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City State Sale Date
Humble, TX Garage Sale 6/13/2015
Humble, TX Garage Sale 6/12/2015
Houston, TX Yard Sale 5/22/2015
Katy, TX Garage Sale 5/24/2014
Sugar land, TX Garage Sale 4/20/2013
Houston, TX Community Sale 3/23/2013

Most Recent Houston Area Housing Classified Ads

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City Description Price
Houston, TX AuctionMyDeal is a FREE Platform for Real Est $2.00
Houston, TX 1 bedroom $695-855 /mo 706-900 sf 2 bedroom $855.00
Houston, TX Experience the Worthing Difference! NOW OPEN! $1,300.00
Houston, TX Your Next Houston Mansion, Luxury Estate or L $6,999,880.00

Most Recent Houston Car & Truck Classified Ads

>> See All Houston Area Vehicle Classifieds

City Description Price
Houston, TX 2015 Ford F250 PLATINUM 6.7 LITER DIESEL $48,890.00
Spring, TX 2014 Chevrolet SILVERADO 1500 5.3 LITER $32,890.00
Houston, TX 2006 Cadillac SRX $6,650.00
Houston, TX 2009 Hyundai ACCENT $6,750.00
Houston, TX 2010 Jaguar XF SUPERCHARGED $23,475.00
Houston, TX 2004 Chevrolet TRAILBLAZER $8,050.00
Houston, TX 2012 Nissan VERSA S $10,250.00

About Findit Classifieds

Findit Classifieds was originally founded in Houston, Texas way back in 1997 by brothers, Rick and Richard Cable, as part of a spin off from another Internet advertising business they had started just a year before. Sadly, Richard past from cancer in 1999 and never saw the completed product but Rick was determined to keep the site running out of love and out of pocket.

Rick continued to develop Findit Classifieds in his spare time in to the early 2000's, focusing much of his time on the "Bad Guy" after being contacted by a victim of an overpayment scheme resulting in a many safety features this site uses today. It is so important that you have tools and services to help you navigate this seemingly endless sea of online predators.

Rick and Findit's mission and vision is to bring value to people by developing technologies and methodologies to help them participate more safely in classified style advertising online. Our technology watches under the surface for threats to your financial and personal safety. We strive to be better than anyone at identifying and eliminating online threats you may encounter, in most cases, before you ever know they are there.

A Personal Message from Rick...

I strongly believe in the "Value for Value" model that I've participated in with Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak on their No Agenda Show (Podcast) and am extending this model to this, my life's work. If this site has given you value, you can return the value and support Rick's mission by telling your friends and family about Findit Classifieds, donate using the Pay Pal donate button on this page or submit constructive feedback for a feature you would like to see.

The entire site was coded by me, alone. I've accomplished this over the course of the last 20 years, in my spare time. I currently work as a developer full-time but still find time on nights and weekends to continue development and day-to-day upkeep on the site. It is a labor of love.

Findit Classifieds runs on shoestring budget and remains free for everyone except the bad guys! Findit Classified's hosting and daily operation is funded by interest on a portion of the money it made years ago that was set aside for just this purpose. The rest is my coding time of which there is very little lately with all my projects. Any donations will be used towards continued development, server upgrades and general upkeep of the site.

This site is 100% FREE for you to advertise your personal items or services at your own risk. Nowhere on this site will you be asked for any method of payment. We have most of the common advertising categories except for dating, we don't do dating ads.

Storing data costs money so we only ask for the minimum amount of info to advertise your item and we purge old and valueless data relentlessly. As long as you're legit and play nice, you can stay.

Lastly, due to our shoestring resources, you might see some things you shouldn't and by that I mean bugs in production as 2018 marked the start of our long awaited mobile friendly design upgrade. If you see a bug, I'll just say sorry in advance. ;-)

Thank you and please enjoy this 100% free, no strings attached site.

- Sincerely,

Rick Cable (Co-Founder)

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